523111_4839868078870_544234382_nElise Ryser is a writer of blog posts and a nutritional scientist by education from Boise, ID. Her real name is Catherine, but nobody has ever called her that except for during a short phase in second grade when she had a strange desire to be called Cathy. She lives with her husband Ted in Rochester, NY in the top of the tallest house on the street.

While Ted attends Medical school, Elise works hard at whatever little job she can find. She likes to spend her free time running through the park, trying out new recipes, reading good books and fixing up things around their home. During her 25 years on this earth, she has wanted to be an actress, a book editor, a professional chef, a french translator, a wood worker, a veteranarian, a writer, a dietitian, a nurse, a mom, a puppy-mom, and a public health nutritionist. She is currently still figuring it all out.

Likes: potato latkes, long hot showers, vegetarian cookbooks, red lipstick, taking the lint out of the dryer, snowy streets, the cheese section of the grocery store, college, running through sprinklers, the smell of puppy paws, climbing mountains, buttery rosemary rolls, wool socks, crossword puzzles, old movies,  and going out to dinner. Her most favorite things include an untouched hill of snow, being with her family at their cabin in the Idaho mountains and Ted James Ryser.

Dislikes: jumping off tall things into cold water,  reality shows, people who think I’m 15, bad comedians, runny yolks, acapella, all you can eat buffets, pinterest, wearing pants while at home, pink eye, and having to be patient.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello!
    I found your site via a comment you left on the Joy the Baker podcast! First of all, I love your site. It’s super cool.
    Second of all, as soon as I saw your post I was totally siren-called to e-mail you!
    MY name is also Elise, I have a blog about crazy adventures with my lovely boyfriend, Tyler, (… and food… and eating… and some more food) and I live near a major metropolitan area, San Francisco. I just wanted to say “hey fellow Elise! All the way from the West Coast! You’re super cool.” 🙂

  2. Hi Elise’s

    I am also Elise except i am still in primary school and my blog is about… uhhhhh stuff!!!
    I love your blog it is super cool check out my blog it is called sugaryspicey.wordpress.com

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