New (March) Resolutions

IMG_0942Earlier this year I had an idea I really liked of doing a monthly goal for 2017 (after all, it’s the year I turn 30) and finally got them all nailed down this month while I was at my family’s cabin (something about being away from cell phone service makes me all introspective). And even though some inner sense of perfectionism says that March is too late to officially start a yearly project, I’m actually feeling excited about what I figured out. Hopefully some good long term habits will come from some of these as well…we shall see.

January: Figure out my yearly reading goals and read a lot.

February: Take it easy (aka I kinda forgot February).

March: Plant a garden.

April: Dessert only on weekends.

May: Send mail, at least one letter a week.

June: Practice yoga every day.

July: Eat more fruits and vegetables and STAY UNDER the grocery budget.

August: Go on adventures with the boys two or more days a week and invite friends.

September: Take a picture with the real camera once a day.

October: Read all the general conference talks.

November: Write something every day.

December: Make an activities advent and do it with the boys.


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