Three (and three months)

This birthday was kind of a rough transition. And when I went back through old footage to compile it into my yearly birthday video, I almost cried at how sweet and babyish newly two year old Julian was. Now after a few months to adjust, there are some things about having a three year old that are just so dang awesome and funny and better than ever before, once I have learned a few coping strategies to deal with the defiance and just all around stinkerness he’s got going on.

IMG_1036IMG_1037We had a party for him at a bowling alley with a few little friends and as a bonus, Grandma and Grandpa Ryser were in town. He was spoiled with generous gifts from both sets of grandparents who know just how to please him (cars, cars, talking cars.) He started saying “now I’m three, I used to be J.” Still a little confused about numbers vs letters, but I love seeing how his mind works.

Some recent favorite conversations with him that I wrote down:

(talking with grandma about her watch)

Grandma: Must be nice to be a kid and just live in the moment.

Julian: No! I don’t live in the moment, I live in Kansas City!

(After I tried on a very poofy slip for a wedding dress my mom was making)

Julian: Is mama a princess?

(Out of the blue about a month after we watched The Lion King)

Julian: I was just thinking about Scarf, you know, that guy from the tiger movie.

(During one of many recent pre-potty training conversations about how bodily functions work.)

Me: What happens when you drink water?

Julian: Pee comes out!

Me: And what about if you drink juice?

Julian: A school bus comes out!

(Overhearing him showing a new friend around our house. Side note, he is obsessed with smoke alarms lately and wants to talk about them all the time.)

Julian: …here, look, it’s our smoke alarm! and here is my cozy bed!…

(While we were playing with play dough)

Julian: “I’m happy for you’re my friend mama.”


Aww! I’m happy about that too buddy.



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