Personality Quizzes

img_0458Every once in a while I get really obsessed with taking personality tests. And then I have to remind myself that they are just for fun because I am definitely prone to overanalyzing them. (what personality type is that? (; ) Here are some of my results.

Meyer’s Briggs/16 personalities – I honestly can’t tell how these are any different from each other, but I’ve taken each of them multiple times with slightly different results. I have narrowed it down and am pretty sure I am either an ISFP or ISFJ.

Enneagram- I keep hearing about this and just got a book about it. I think mostly only Catholics know about this one? Anyway, it’s pretty interesting, and I am a definite type 6-The Questioner.

The Color Code-This is the first one I ever heard about and it drove me so crazy because I didn’t really fit any of the types-always between a blue and a white, but I didn’t want to be a white.

Pottermore-The most fun for sure. I am a Ravenclaw/Pukwudgie, and my Patronus is a Chestnut Mare. (Ted took the test and got a pheasant lol.)

In other news, it’s the last day of the month! That means that we sign on our house tomorrow!!!!!, and also that this project is almost over. I think I did pretty good, just missing a couple days between the rough election and being out of town. I’m not as anxious for it to be over as I thought I would be, and actually have a couple ideas I never got to. But I must say it will be nice on those days when I haven’t written anything until late at night and then feel guilty until I write. Thanks to anyone who read it all!



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