One Year Ago

IMG_0038I was looking at some pictures from about a year ago, and remembering this crazy storm that hit us in Spokane just about a year ago.

I was playing on the floor with Julian in his room when we started hearing the wind getting louder and louder outside and then all of a sudden the power went out. It was around 3:00 in the afternoon, but in Spokane in November, that means the sun is almost completely set already. We hunkered down for a few hours and had fun lighting candles and burrowing under blankets and watching a movie I had downloaded on my laptop. I didn’t realize anywhere near the extent of the damage until Ted got home and told me how many trees were knocked down on top of houses and power lines and in the middle of the streets. IMG_0695IMG_0761

Here’s Julian’s first date when we were at the mall warming up with some friends.


We heard through some friends from church that some areas had their power go out and come right back on. So when we went to bed that night, we assumed it would be back on in the middle of the night sometime. Instead, we woke up to Julian crying in his bed and realized how cold the house had gotten. I bundled him up in his snowsuit and under a bunch of blankets, but it was pretty miserable.

The next morning, Ted had to go to work like usual, and I was planning on babysitting for a friend at their very very cold house. We were all bundled up and I got all the kids to play a lap running game to try and warm us up, but it was still see-your-breath kind of cold. Plus, no way to cook food for any of the kids, so I kept staving off their hunger with trail mix and granola bars.

After my friend got back, I decided to drive around a little bit to let us thaw out and charge my phone. Also, I was a little curious about the damage the storm had done, and it was really kind of terrifying and amazing to see the wreckage. We hit up Fred Meyer and it looked like it had been looted, and only half the power was on.

By that point we were starting to realize that this wasn’t a quick fix kind of thing. Luckily, some friends who had gotten their power back offered to take us in that night so Julian didn’t have to freeze again. And that’s basically how we spent the next few days-crashing with different friends, going between their houses and the YMCA where I took hot showers, only darting into our cold, smelly (from the tragic amounts of food that had gone bad and dishes we couldn’t do) apartment to grab fresh clothes or supplies.

Then all the houses across the street from us got their power back…that was some nice salt in the wound. We were invited to a Friendsgiving with some of Ted’s co-residents and I was signed up to bring like three dishes, which I cooked by completely taking over one of our nice friends’ kitchens. On our way back from the dinner, we stopped by our place out of hopeful curiosity, and…the porch light was on. That was one of the most wonderful sights I have ever seen. The whole experience made me so grateful for heaters and refrigerators and dishwashers, but even more grateful for kind neighbors and generous friends. IMG_0684


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