Thanksgiving Week


It’s Thanksgiving Week! Getting excited to drive to Omaha and stuff our faces with the Milers. Ted is having a Thanksgiving lunch at the VA tomorrow and he signed up to bring rolls and I decided it would be a good idea to make all our rolls for Thanksgiving in one go and so I tripled the recipe and now we have butter horns coming out of our ears. Like way too many rolls. I just used almost 14 cups of flour. But the good news is that our house smells like heaven.

Today at yoga class, the teacher was playing Enya and afterwards one of the other people in class asked the teacher “what that beautiful music was” and then walked around asking everyone if they had ever heard of Enya before and raving about it. 90’s New Age superstar Enya. Who hasn’t heard of her?

What else, what else? I lost two toenails today from our half marathon back in October. Julian figured out how to do the zipline at the playground and is all about it. We went to our new ward yesterday and so far it seems really great. Only nine days until we move!





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