Julian Right Now

img_4685img_4690img_4694img_4699img_4701img_4705On a whim, I stopped at a playground on the way home from the gym. The park was deserted-it was still 51 degrees out, but a pretty gloomy day-and Everett had fallen asleep. So I parked right next to the playground so Everett could stay cozy inside and hopped out with Julian. Usually at a playground, I will hang out on a bench while he plays, but there were no other kids there so I started chasing him around. And the excitement on his face made me feel like an idiot for not always doing it.

In just a couple months our boy will be THREE! So here are a couple things I want to remember about two-year-old Julian.

He talks pretty much constantly whenever he is awake.

His still naps most days, praise heavens.

Our blue plastic spoon is all chewed up and is always either in the dishwasher or his hand because no other utensil is acceptable.

Went through a little phase where he would flop to the floor immediately if anybody told him not to do something.

He says “I’m your friend, mama?” out of the blue.

He has a deep obsession with Cars, The Lovebug, and probably any other movie featuring sentient cars.

He has the funniest memory for things. A couple weeks ago, the little boy I  babysit bit Julian and now every time we talk about him, Julian says “Gabriel bite my hand.” Or every time we FaceTime with my mom, he goes and gets the truck she sent him to show her.

He calls puddles “puds,” pieces of bark “mikeys” smoothies “foo-foo,” and his blanket “mokie.”

We asked him what we should name our dog someday, and he said “skeeter-dodo.” I actually really like Skeeter for a dog.

Loooooves going to nursery.

When he is being especially defiant, he says “No way Jose” very seriously like it’s the only thing strong enough to express his opinion.

Sometimes I will be going about my business and realize the house is extra quiet and Julian will just be patiently hiding behind the stroller or underneath the table.

Has to say all of the prayers. Almost always pretends like he doesn’t want to say it until we have started and then interrupts us tearfully to say that he wanted to say it, how could we say it without him.

He calls marshmallows mushrooms which cracks me up when he asks me over and over for mushrooms.

If he doesn’t like something he’s eating, he will let it fall out of his mouth on to the floor and refuse to pick it up. (not my favorite little quirk.)

In short, he is supremely frustrating and supremely endearing and just the funniest little guy I know. img_4686






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