On my mind

The first snow in Rochester happened about a month ago, and just today we saw that it snowed in Spokane. I am probably jinxing us by writing this, but every day I walk outside and think how is it still this nice?! Halloween was weirdly warm to the point that I felt bad about making the boys wear their costumes, and I was on a walk yesterday and saw somebody putting up Christmas lights in the 70 degree evening.

I made it to a yoga class today at the YMCA. And like every time I do yoga, I think about how I wish I did it more. It just makes me feel so good when I’m done and if I do it more often, maybe someday I will be able to get my dang heels to touch the ground when I do downward dog. It’s always a gamble going to a random yoga class at the Y, though, because you never know what kind of teacher you are going to get. As I was going through the motions today I was trying to put my finger on what I liked about the teacher, and the first thing that came to mind was “not mid-life crisis.”

Everett’s on a sleep strike. The day we decided to think about letting him cry it out, he must have picked up on something, because ever since then it has been a nightmare. His naps during the day are even basically down to nothing. Advice and/or night nannies very welcome.


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