A Dinner Ritual


img_0202For years I have felt vaguely guilty about the fact that I really really don’t want to meal plan. It felt like stifling my creativity and not taking advantage of my talent for figuring out what to make when it seems like there is nothing edible in the house (fact: I am very good at this. I should have been on The Delicious Dish.) But there were a couple things about my current system that bugged me.

Food was occasionally going to waste before I could use it and grocery shopping according to my feelings isn’t the best way to save money. With one, then two additions to our family, the pressure for making dinner happen at a certain time was higher and the five o’clock panic sucks. And sometimes I would make something that we really like and then forget about it and never cook it again.

So I made a new plan, based on something that my mom did when we were younger, which I remembered after reading this article. Mondays we have Mexican, Tuesdays are Ted’s long days so we have something simple, Wednesdays are soup and salad, Thursdays are Asian/Greek, and Fridays or Saturdays we do pizza. Sundays are still kind of a puzzle since we always come home from church feeling famished and eat a huge lunch and then nobody wants dinner until like 10 pm. So maybe crockpot meals? Maybe grilled cheese and tomato soup?

Here’s how it shakes out this week.

Monday-Mexican stuffed baked potatoes

Tuesday-Tortellini in pumpkin cream sauce with roasted broccoli

Wednesday-Southwest salad

Thursday-Thai pineapple fried rice

Friday-Taco pizza


Sunday-Slow cooker spinach ricotta lasagna

And so far? Still some kinks to work out, but more good than bad. I’m liking the idea of perfecting certain recipes, like really getting pizza crust down. I get excited on Sundays about planning. I like that it gives us structure but still some flexibility to experiment with new ideas and recipes.



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