Happy half a birthday

fullsizeoutput_445ffullsizeoutput_445cfullsizeoutput_445efullsizeoutput_4465Everett is six months old today! I celebrated by taking some blurry pictures of my boys after church. Isn’t it cool how you can barely even tell that Julian ripped his pants off and refused to put them back on for pictures? The good thing is that those smiles aren’t one bit fake. These cute brothers love cracking each other up and it is the best.

Wherever we take Everett, people are asking “Is he always this happy?” While the answer is definitely no…he is a pretty sweet little cherub, especially when we’re out and about. Everett is a social little guy and is happiest when around lots of people. When he’s not happy, he has the most piercing scream that will leave you in no doubt of his feelings. He has two little teeth popping through on the bottom and is still adorably chunky-over 20 lbs the last time I weighed him. We love him lots.



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