Some Thoughts on a Sunday

cropped-img_0751.jpgBlog stuff: I have a goal to write something every day in November, if that isn’t obvious. So far it’s been lovely, but I have a feeling it is going to keep getting harder.

#Imwithher: 100%, all the way. I think Hillary is smart, tough, and our best bet for this country. The past months have felt like a bad dream in some ways, and it’s all almost over. Two more days until the election. Right now I’m feeling like there is no possible way that Donald Trump will actually win the election. But that’s how I felt about him winning the primaries and being an actual candidate for president as well, so who knows.

Pokemon Go: Pretty sure I’m the last person still playing this game, as well as the last person I ever thought would be interested in anything to do with Pokemon. But…I’m kinda into it. It motivates me to go on runs and hatch those dang eggs.

Babysitting: I have been watching a cute two year old boy a couple times a week, and this upcoming week he is coming over three days. I don’t really know what I’m thinking since I already feel sort of overwhelmed a lot of the time with just my two boys, and he and Julian bicker a lot and make it a lot harder to be patient and we can’t all fit in the car. Coincidentally, I think Julian might be getting a little extra tv time this week.

Ukulele: Tonight I was practicing Moon River on my ukulele. I’m trying to learn it because it’s my bedtime song for Everett. And Julian was quietly listening and started singing “I am a child of God…”. So of course I had to find the chords for that one too and we sang it together and it was the sweetest.


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