Our Move in Pictures


Ok, let’s throw it way way back to June. IMG_1128

Julian got his first non-home haircut. He was so brave and stayed so still for the hairstylist who was probably really weirded out by the frazzled mom with two kids waiting outside the door for great clips to open in the morning. Trying to squeeze it all in before we left Spokane. IMG_1133 My last hike with Hike it Baby in Spokane. This group and these ladies especially who all were pregnant with me made such a difference for my time in Spokane. We decided to recreate the hike from a few months before when some of them were trying to go into labor, this time with all our babies. IMG_1139Then we flew to SLC. I was officially done with Spokane but Ted would be back one last time to load all our earthly belongings onto the moving truck. Here we are on the way to Nick and Becky’s wedding. 13559109_10208118397331520_512596744227962976_oIMG_1146 The newlyweds had a beautiful reception at a garden shop. Julian danced his sweet little heart out and my snuggly Everett slept the whole time.


Since the wedding was right in American Fork, we got to sneak in a quick visit to the Plothows. I always love seeing grandma and Roger and they are patient with us when we have meting down kids and can only stay for a minute. IMG_1204

IMG_1147 The Rysers really decked out their backyard as a toddler paradise. Julian had a great time playing with his closest (in age) cousin Afton and we are all sad that we can’t get them together more often. IMG_1152 Ted got to take advantage of his doctor status and give his friend a physical (while we all watched). 
IMG_1168And then the movers were off, while I stayed in Salt Lake with the boys and Katy. Julian loved seeing pictures of daddy driving a huge truck, and probably would’ve been happy to join Ted and grandpa on their long drive. IMG_1179 IMG_1185

Downtown SLC with these two buddies. IMG_1190One of Katy’s friends has the cutest baby goats ever, plus chickens and a sweet dog. She let us come over one day “for Julian” although to be honest, I was much more into it than he was. Julian loved their playground and play house in their backyard though.
IMG_1192We topped the week off with a hot hike up mill creek canyon with Blackmer cousins where Bella and Talia filled an entire empty water bottle with roly poly bugs. Julian was a trooper in his ever present red crocs. I was happy to be able to do one last hike (so dramatic I know) before moving to the great plains.


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