Two Saturdays Ago

9466aa10-6303-4c87-823a-79df4323b4566:17-Groan, reluctantly wake up and start throwing on my running clothes I laid out the night before.

6:25- Get the boys out of bed. They are in surprisingly good moods considering the early wake up call. Try to get Everett to eat since this is his last chance for a couple hours.

6:35- Everybody in the car, head over to our friends’ house to drop off the boys.

6:40-Boys dropped off, heading downtown just Ted and I. Kind of feels like a date, despite the early hour and feeling of dread.

7:03- Parking is crazy, finally find an (expensive) spot and run toward the starting line as the gun announces the official start.

7:11- So, so, many people waiting to start the race. Finally cross the starting line and start running. Reeeeeally have to use the bathroom.

7:30- Fun running the first couple miles with Ted, but here’s the porta potties. Time to split up. Feel so much better (tmi? lol) and enjoy the fun part of the race where you’re passing tons of people.

8:00- Running running running, reaching the half way point v. exciting. Not passing so many people anymore.

9:00- Still running. Starting to feel like I might die. See on Find my Friends that Ted is just crossing the finish line.

9:35- Finally done! 13 miles down. So exciting but also want to lie on the floor for the next week without moving. Unfortunately (for the moment) we are still parents.

10:00-Boys picked up and poor Everett who wouldn’t drink his bottle is very relieved to see me.

11:00-Can barely keep my eyes open. Ted lets me try to nap while Julian watches copious TV (you gotta do what you gotta do.)

1:30- Head to a baby shower, Everett in tow, that is way farther away than I thought. Get there late. Chat, baby games, chocolate fountain etc… Still feel like lying on the floor (and probably look like it too.)

Also 1:30- Ted, finally lying down, hears the toilet flush upstairs where Julian is supposed to be napping. Runs upstairs to see Julian, who apparently had some of his poop fall out of his diaper onto the floor and was trying to clean it all up.

1:50- Julian bathed and the huge mess all cleaned up. Ted goes back downstairs to try and lie down again.

1:55- Ted hears dripping in the bathroom. Runs inside and sees water pouring through the bathroom ceiling. This is not Ted’s day.

2:30- On my way home I get a call from a not super happy Ted asking me to stop and get a plunger.

2:50- By the time I get home, pretty much everything is clean and Julian is asleep. Feel guilty/grateful that I missed the drama.

3:00- That’s pretty much enough excitement for one day. I don’t remember much else for the next couple hours other than hobbling around and eating everything in sight.

6:30- Starving again so we decide to order some Thai food. Might be the best thing we ever tasted. Ending the day on a high note, yay. img_0278


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