Everything’s Up To Date in Kansas City

They’ve gone about as fur as they could go.IMG_1183This is the sad sad story of the adorable house in the coolest neighborhood ever that we were all set to move in to when Ted arrived and started to question our decision. Things weren’t left super clean, and some parts of the house were unfinished or broken. Even so, if we didn’t have some safety concerns with our little guys (Julian slipped and almost fell down the stairs a few times just in the few hours we were debating unloading our things, there are openings without railings where our kids could fall, they would be sleeping on the ground floor alone in a room with old windows that might not be super secure) I would have been dead set on staying. While we were thinking it over, someone walked past and invited us to a block party, our (very cool, potential best friend) neighbors came over and brought us a delicious blueberry pastry from a bakery a block away to welcome us, every few minutes a tiny bunny rabbit would hop across the lawn, and I made the mistake of going on a walk with Julian and imagining the many walks we could take on those historic shady streets to close by parks and cafes. We went back and forth so many times but ultimately decided to leave. IMG_1220This is where we ended up instead. A very comfortable and safe townhouse in a huge complex out in the suburbs. It’s…fine. I’m almost over it. We are walking distance from both Target and Costco and I can’t decide if that’s a benefit or a drawback. We have three pools and a very effective air conditioner. IMG_1221Julian was very enthusiastic about unloading the moving truck. One of us had to always be finding things light enough for him to carry which of course we were happy to do because it was so sweet and adorable how much he loves to be helpful. Katy finally convinced him to take a break and he chugged an entire water bottle and ate almost a whole Subway sandwich.

IMG_1213One thing that I’ve really appreciated about Kansas so far are the beautiful skies. The sunsets here almost every night make me want to take pictures and there are some awesome storms too. IMG_1223Add to the list of new things lately…a new car! We knew we would have to find a car pretty quickly after moving so that I wouldn’t be perpetually stuck at home with the boys, but it’s a little overwhelming buying a car for the first time ever. Long story short, we found this beauty and I couldn’t be happier. It’s funny how I’m super aware of all the makes and models of cars right now after all our research. IMG_1233Just Ted, casually reading the dictionary. #dermnerd #thatsonlyvolumeone

IMG_1210 (1)And now we’re sort of settled in and can get back to doing things like Sunday night family walks. We found these fairy houses at a local park. There is definitely a lot to look forward to in Kansas City.


One thought on “Everything’s Up To Date in Kansas City

  1. I’m just heartbroken for you guys over not being able to move in to that darling house. But I’m sure that you made the right choice. God is guiding your steps. And Costco will be a wonderful free sample getaway when it gets colder! Love you and praying for you!

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