Highs and Lows of the First Month


IMG_4477I heard a quote somewhere recently that goes something like, when it comes to kids, one is one and two is twenty. It kind of makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time because so far, it is so true. It’s definitely a really intense time as we are getting used to a big change in our lives, so here are some current high, and…not so high (but usually at least funny) moments from the past month.

High: Obviously the biggest high is having two happy,  healthy little boys that we love so much.

Low: When we brought Everett home from the hospital and pretty much immediately realized that Julian had hand-foot-mouth disease and had possibly spread it to all of our kind friends who watched him for us while I was giving birth. (luckily it didn’t spread at all)

High: That one night during his first week when Everett slept for two three hour chunks in a row! And how much I really appreciated it.

Low: This morning at 4 am when I finally got up  after two hours of lying in bed listening to Everett grunting and brought him out to the living room so Ted could get some sleep. I was staaarving for reasons that have to do with never sleeping and breastfeeding. And so, I decided that what I really needed to do was make nachos. My stomach pretty much immediately told me it was a terrible idea.

High: This past Sunday when Julian finally asked to hold Everett. It only lasted for two seconds but it was so sweet.

Low: That time when Julian was not watching where he was walking and totally stepped on Everett. Poor second baby. His crying only lasted for about two seconds too, though.

High: Being able to wear Everett in a snuggly Solly Baby wrap. It has really saved me on lots of occasions and allowed us to get out of the house a lot more. Yesterday I took the boys to meet some friends at the beach, and brought Everett in his carseat so he could stay shaded and protected. The walk to and from the car was kind of long and as we were leaving, Julian wanted me to hold him, but I couldn’t hold him and the carseat which I explained to him. He said, “Mommy, put him in wrap,” which made me laugh because he’s so observant and logical (for a two year old.)

Low: At the post office last week, a lady walked past me and smirked and said, wow you’ve got your hands full.  I don’t know why that comment drives me so crazy since I’m sure she meant well, but it definitely feels like a criticism. Since then I feel extra conscious of not seeming flustered in public. Because if I have my hands full with two kids, what about the moms with five.

High: Since my labor was so fast, I have felt really good and been able to go on walks and get out since the first week. Also, having a baby in May has been a lot more conducive to getting outside than having a baby during the polar vortex of January 2014.

Low: I was feeding Everett in the backyard while Julian played and he face planted and was screaming and I didn’t have enough hands to deal with the situation quickly enough.

High: Seeing the boys’ relationship slowly growing has been just the best. Although it’s still pretty one sided (Everett doesn’t do much giving back at the moment) Julian has been very sweet as he tries to understand and adjust to his new normal. He brings Everett cars, pats his head and says “sorry boy” and “so soft” and reads him books and shushs him when he’s sad.

Low: While changing Everett’s diaper (on my lap like a huge dummy) at the beginning of his very long two week pediatrician appointment, I got pee all over my lap and was soaking for the next two hours.

High: Ted’s schedule during the first couple weeks. He decided to keep working the first week of Everett’s life since my mom would be here, and the radiologists he was working with told him he only needed to come in from 10-11 each day. I almost cried with gratitude. Then he had the whole next week off and since then has mostly had half days. This residency program has really taken good care of us…

Low: …and we’re sad to leave! Also packing with two kids is a joke.

High/Low: All the wonderful friends here in Spokane who have taken care of us, one even bringing us meals and babysitting weeks after she had her own baby. And having to say goodbye.


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