Not Just Killing Time


Despite some anxiety and impatience about the baby making their arrival, now that there are only two weeks left, this has actually been a really good week. I was worrying about time passing more slowly and overanalyzing every Braxton-Hicks contraction, so I decided we would do something fun every night. And I would actually put things in the calendar instead of having vague ideas in my mind and hoping they would just happen.

Monday, I had a breastfeeding class which I decided to take as a refresher and since I never took one with Julian, thinking it would be interesting and helpful. It turned out to be two of the more frustrating hours I’ve spent lately where we watched a video full of information I already knew interspersed with inaccurate or generalizing rants from the teacher. But still, eventful. On Tuesday we went on a double date with some friends to see Captain America. On Wednesday, we took Julian to his favorite place-the pool with a waterslide at the YMCA. And Thursday, we went to a farmer’s market in a fun area of town and took the food we got at the market for a picnic at a nearby park with a co-resident’s family. We don’t have anything planned yet for tomorrow, but Saturday I have a book club and want to visit a historical house where a friend volunteers and maybe even get a mani-pedi.

It has definitely been helpful in keeping my mind off of constantly wanting the baby to be born already so we can finally meet him or her, not to mention know if it’s a him or a her! I’ve also been trying to be conscious about the sweet, easy-going mornings with just Julian where I have time to do little things that make him happy like make french toast or FaceTime my mom or drop everything and walk to the playground. I sometimes have taken these times for granted and wished our life was more eventful, but I’m realizing that life won’t always be so flexible. And I really love that little guy. He’s going to do great as a big brother, but part of me can’t help but preemptively mourn all the one on one time we have gotten to have the past two years.


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