Julian’s 2nd Birthday

IMG_0779Julian’s 2nd birthday celebration started a while before his birthday actually happened. My mom came to town to see my play and to help us celebrate Julian the weekend before his birthday week. We made him a strawberry poke cake one night while she was here and sang to him and he has been talking about it ever since. If he hears anyone mention something about a birthday now, he almost always says “cake. strawberries.” Safe to say it was a big hit.

The next week, Ted had three days off in a row. We knew we wanted to do something special with our time to celebrate Julian and take advantage of the rare time off, but it took us a while to figure it out. We still haven’t been to Seattle, and really want to make it there before we aren’t Washingtonians anymore, but weren’t sure if Julian would enjoy it so much. Eventually we settled on Silver Mountain, a resort with a ski resort and indoor water park.IMG_0785

IMG_0787Julian has had some fears about water in the past, so we weren’t totally sure how he was going to do. He was definitely a little cautious at first, and we could tell the rushing water made him a little nervous, but it was so cute to see how determined he was to do it anyway. The hotel room was super cozy and Ted had the brilliant idea of bringing all the ingredients to make muddy biddies, and we got to go to the park for a couple hours both days. It was definitely the right choice! And now Julian wants to swim any chance he gets.IMG_3776 IMG_3778

We wrapped it all up with a super suuuuper low key birthday party with three of Julian’s favorite friends. We had cake and they played with his new tunnel from grandma and grandpa Ryser and danced to silly music and I did no prep other than making the cake. There will be a time for elaborate birthday parties in the future, but this one made Julian pretty happy so I’m happy. We got him a balance bike for a present and frustratingly, it’s too tall for his legs to touch the floor. But hopefully this fall he’ll be able to ride it around outside. Anyway, a pretty happy birthday for our little J. He still busts out singing the Happy Birthday song occasionally.


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