Merry Wives

I did something completely new and out of my comfort zone recently…IMG_1002…I tried out for a play and actually got a part!IMG_1005It all started when my friend Bethany was planning a girl’s day out and when our plans to see an art show fell through, our backup plan was a Shakespeare presentation at a local library. It turned out that the four of us were the only people who showed up and it was kind of sad and very sweet and a little boring and they totally thought we were in high school the whole time. At the end of the presentation, the presenters, who were part of a community theater group called Ignite, told us about their upcoming plays. I mentioned to Bethany on the way home that I had always wanted to be in a local community play. A couple weeks later, she called me and asked if I was serious about being in a play, and we decided to try out for their reader’s theater of The Merry Wives of Windsor together.

After tryouts I was completely positive that I was never going to hear anything about it ever again, but then I got a call from the director that I was cast as Anne Page, and Bethany was going to be Fenton, Anne’s true love. One of the main plots of the play revolves around who is going to marry Anne Page, but I only actually had four lines in the whole play. Which suited me just fine.

It was pretty cool getting to know the other actors and chatting with them backstage during the intermissions. One used to be a valet for Paul Newman back in his teens when he lived in L.A. I also really liked getting to know the play inside and out by the end of the three performances. During the last one, we had a miscommunication about the times and Ted ended up having to work during the performance, so Julian came and napped backstage. It was a little crazy, and I was sure he was going to start screaming and ruin the whole show, but he was just fine. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be in a play again, and I’m sure a non-reader’s theater where you actually have to memorize your lines takes a lot more work, but I’m so glad we decided to do this one.


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