Hikes Lately

IMG_0134IMG_0136Taken at the Deep Creek area in Riverside state park-beautiful views and lots of variety of terrain. I felt pretty awesome about myself for carrying Julian on this five-mile hike that’s basically straight up for the first mile. Luckily, the 8-month pregnant girl you can see in the background also carrying her two-year old kept me from feeling sorry for myself.IMG_0173IMG_0180IMG_0184At a toddler-led (the kids get to hike and we go at their pace) hike in the Dishman Hills Conservation Area. Julian had so much fun playing around at the pond, although he really wished he was wearing his rainboots, as did I while pulling him repeatedly away from the creek’s edge. Some of the older kids made a lean-to out of sticks. IMG_0842

IMG_0854Snowshoeing in Mccall, Julian snuggling up to Papa’s puffy coat. He slept for about two miles on the way home. IMG_0980IMG_0981IMG_0985Can’t get over that tree-straddling picture and all those cute adventurous kids in the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge area. This was one of the more frustrating hikes, but had a lot of highs too. Julian had a hard time walking on the snow without help and got really wet, even with his snow pants on. But he stayed pretty cheerful and loved trying to keep up with the big kids. IMG_0996IMG_0997

My mama paid us a visit one weekend, and I had to take her on a hike. We walked a couple miles on the Fish Lake Trail and saw some crazy animal tracks. IMG_0013IMG_0023This wet wet hike was at Lincoln Park close to our house, and Julian discovered the pure joy of puddle splashing. He’s been asking to do it again ever since. IMG_0197IMG_0202IMG_0216IMG_0217

At the Little Spokane River/Indian Painted Rocks trail. One of my favorite trails I’ve found in Spokane, although it’s a bit of a drive, and this day was blissfully sunny. The kids were especially fond of the plentiful dirt holes and we stopped at pretty much every one.


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