Taking Stock Vol. 2

IMG_0096Making: pencil skirts, baby sweaters, twine wrapped letter; finally finishing up a whole bunch of craft projects that have been sitting on top of my dresser since…November? Not sure where the sudden motivation came from.

Cooking: Asparagus quiche for dinner tonight

Drinking: lots and lots of tea to help deal with a nasty cold

Reading: The Gift Of Giving Life, just finished All The Light We Cannot See-so beautiful and it made me cry at least fifty times. It definitely earned a place in the top five books I’ve ever read.

Wanting: The sunshine to peek out again sometime soon. The taste we got this week was just enough to make me want more.

Looking:  like crazy for a new home in Kansas City, but everything that’s up for rent is only available immediately.

Eating: a smoothie (or “foo-foo” as Julian says) every morning.

Wishing: I could be better at making myself go to bed at night.

Enjoying:  getting to start going on more hikes again as the world begins to melt.

Loving: feeling this wiggly baby kick and punch his/her way around in my belly

Hoping: the rest of Ted’s house staff rotation goes quickly. We’re not quite used to 70 hour work weeks around here.

Needing: to stop adding names to my running baby name list. It’s getting longer instead of shorter and I only get to use one.

Smelling: pretty much nothing currently-not to go on and on about my cold, I know everyone loves that;)

Wearing: stretchy pants whenever I can get away with it

Watching: youtube videos about baby-wearing and practicing with a grudgingly willing Julian

Bookmarking: this dress; just in case I find a way to justify buying it…



One thought on “Taking Stock Vol. 2

  1. My sister and patents live in kc. They have a lot of medical students and residents in their ward. I bet they can give you some hot leads on housing….

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