The End Of The Road Day Ten

IMG_0858Last day in Iceland! We were all worn out and very ready for a little variety in our diets, but my predominant emotion was sadness that our magical trip was ending. We drove to Reykjavik and dropped our car off at the bus station where we found a bus that would take us to the airport later that day. They also had an area where they let us check all our luggage in to be guarded while we walked around Reykjavik one last time. IMG_0839

Luckily, Reykjavik is very walkable, and we could easily get everywhere we wanted on foot. We went to a sweet little cafe called C is for Cookie for lunch and ran into a little American family-three of them just like us-who had just arrived and it was fun to give them some advice and talk about some of our favorite parts of the trip.IMG_0844IMG_1697 IMG_0843

From there, we walked over to the concert hall, Harpa, which is all made of steel and different colored glass. While we were still a couple blocks away, we started seeing big crowds of people all dressed in neon and realized that there was some kind of race finish line near Harpa. As we got closer, we saw hundreds of race participants walking around with hot dogs and coke which they were apparently giving away and it made us laugh. A very festive end to our trip. And that was it, just a bus ride to the airport, and some exhausting travel and we were home-3 am Iceland time. IMG_0853


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