Iceland East Coast Day Six

IMG_2666Can I just say-I’m so glad Ted doesn’t mind driving. We had our longest driving day and he didn’t make me do any of it. We made a good big breakfast of eggs and cheerios and fruit in the tiny cottage kitchen. We were trying to get on the road pretty early, but I had to say goodbye to the horse beauties before we left.


Even though it was our longest driving day and we were all kind of dreading it, it turned out to be such a nice day with some of the highlights of our whole trip. We had heard some things about the roads being bad as they wind down the coast and through a mountain pass. There were three options with the shortest being the most dangerous and the longest being the safest option. We went for a happy medium and picked the road with gravel sections that was a little longer, but not icy. We saw herds of reindeer along the side of the road while we drove through the hilly section.


Then the road wound in and out along the coast of the fjords. Ted stopped for gas in Hofn-a small fishing village where lots of people driving the ring road stop for the night. We saw that they were selling french fries at the gas station and we picked some up to go with our picnic lunch (something warm to eat! wheee!) And then we got really lucky and found a picnic table right next to the harbor. It was sunny and so picturesque and really sort of blissful. Definitely beat our usual lunch spot of the front seat of the car. Julian ate a lot and played on the dock while we watched a fisherman and his young son loading up one of the fishing boats.


We left full and happy to drive to Jokulsarlon. And I honestly don’t know how to do Jokulsarlon justice, but it was so breathtaking. All those ancient pieces of glacier slowly floating out to see, the coolest colors, so much quiet and stillness. Anyway, I guess I’ll just let the pictures tell the story. But we loved it, and whenever people ask me for suggestions of what to see in Iceland, this is top of the list. Down the road just a little bit was a smaller glacial lagoon that we had all to ourselves, and Julian would have been happy playing with the rocks on the beach there forever. Our day ended in Kirkubaejarklauster where we checked into our only hotel of the trip. IMG_1371



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