Maui for Ted’s 30th

For a long time, whenever I thought of our Maui trip or Hawaii in general I instantly felt ill. Which is not a normal reaction to Hawaii, I realize, and is also not a reflection of the beautiful, adventurous, relaxing trip we had. It’s only because two weeks before we left, I found out I was pregnant and spent a good portion of our week there feeling dizzy and trying desperately to think of anything I could handle eating. Luckily, those memories have since faded and I can now remember how Julian loved the beach and none of us got sunburned and picking guavas right off the tree and eating them as we hiked along the trail and surfing and letting the warm waves wash over me on our boat ride home from the Molokini Crater and driving back the treacherously bumpy but beautiful road past Hana. Some of Ted’s friends from high school were living in Kihei for a while and generously let us stay with them, without which we never could have afforded the trip. We felt pretty lucky to be able to celebrate Ted’s 30th birthday with such an experience, (even despite all the nausea:).)


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