Iceland Northwest Day Three

IMG_2104IMG_1885After offending our British housemates at least three times (begging them to stop cooking right outside our room at 2am, accidentally speaking in my terrible fake english accent, ted asking me a question about them not realizing they were still in the room…cringe), we started off the day bright and early getting the car stuck in the mud. Luckily our airbnb host/troll writer guy was able to tow us out in like five minutes, but for about three of those minutes things were looking bleak. Mud up to our doors, imagining not being able to get any farther on our road trip and having to replace a rental car. We took a walk around the property and saw all the troll statues and learned a little about the troll lore of that area.


In the nearest town, Borgarsnes, there is a museum about the settlement of Iceland and one of the sagas of early Iceland that Ted’s cousin had recommended to us. Although we weren’t really planning to have a museum type trip, I’m so glad we stopped by. Ted and I are now fascinated by Egil’s saga-a story about an Icelandic farmer and viking, Egil, who frequently went berserk and had lots of crazy adventures.

IMG_1941 IMG_1931 IMG_1980

Next we took another detour to see a hot springs waterfall called Hraunfossar. I got out of the car not knowing what to expect and was completely blown away. It made me giddy how beautiful it all was there-the water was so blue it looked fake, water was spurting out of the hillside all along the river, and we hiked around the paths for a while taking it all in.IMG_0380 IMG_1077 IMG_0379

IMG_0413We had a long drive ahead of us. I drove for a while until my eyes kept closing then Ted took over, bringing us through a beautiful mountain pass to our house for the night. This one had been recommended by one of Ted’s med school friends and it was definitely…unique. The only way I can describe it is…like there was a group of hippies and a group of the old-fashioned-est-doily-and-porcelain-figurine-loving grandmas in the world and they had to decorate this place together. But it doesn’t even matter. This place will always be one of our favorites because it was where we saw the northern lights.

IMG_0417 IMG_2143

Our quirky host Eyglo and her Dutch foreign exchange volunteer were eating dinner and watching Friends with Icelandic subtitles when we arrived, which was fun and made me feel right at home. Dinner for us was ramen noodles and hard boiled eggs. After Julian went to bed, we stayed up talking to Thjis, who was living with Eyglo and her husband to help them with their farm and the guests who stayed with them through airbnb. Around 11pm we started checking the skies every few minutes and there was nothing at first, but by 11:15 we started to see white lights dimly flickering around the horizon. It was like magic. For the next hour we watched (and Ted photographed) as the show continued to get better and better. It is hard to do it justice by writing about it, but it was a night that I hope to never forget.


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