Reykjavik Day One

IMG_0137 IMG_0852IMG_0154Travel days with Julian are tough, exhausting hard work. But there were a couple delightful things about this particular trip. We started our trip by driving to Toronto and he slept the whole time. Then while we were at the airport he was having such a good time wandering around and interacting with people. Out of nowhere he went up to a little girl and held his arms wide for a hug then he hugged her! Nobody taught him to do that. And then he did it again to another little toddler girl. All the adults in this situation were cracking up. On the airplane, he loves looking out the window at the luggage being loaded and all the vehicles driving around. Like, he was in the middle of a meltdown when we showed him out the window and he sat there transfixed for the next 20 minutes until we had taken off. After some vigorous rocking, Julian fell asleep about an hour into the flight, but it was really fitful sleep. He kept waking and shrieking and squirming into uncomfortable looking positions. Then finally he face planted into my lap and didn’t move for the next two hours. My leg was completely dead by the time we arrived but it was completely worth it! And then a guy let us skip to the front of a very long customs line because we had Julian. Anyway, it wasn’t easy but every once in a while, he does something that makes everything so great.

IMG_0159 IMG_0177 IMG_0185 IMG_0871

We arrived at 2:00 am Rochester time, 6:00 am in Reykjavik. I barely dozed on the plane, but felt weirdly awake maybe because the sun was up or maybe because we were finally in Iceland. We picked up our rental car and were given the rundown of all the things that could go wrong. For instance-never leave a car door open, even for a second, because the wind might blow it off. The drive to Reykjavik was otherworldly-the ground is all black and mossy and we kept glimpsing a huge plateau in the background. We made it to our dormitory style rental house in a truly perfect location in Reykjavik and wanted nothing more than to crash onto the bed and not move for the next few hours. But Julian was having none of that. Everyone else living in the house was getting breakfast in the kitchen right next to our room. When I literally couldn’t stay on my feet any more, I mumbled to Ted to just let Julian roam around and fell asleep immediately. Ted, who luckily didn’t listen to me, finally got Julian to fall asleep and we all had a brief but very necessary nap. We woke up groggy but ready to see the city and get prepared for our road trip.

IMG_0868 IMG_0870 IMG_0204We headed out to find some groceries at the neighborhood Bonus and stumbled into the cool part of downtown while we tried to figure out the foreign street signs and how to drive stick on hills simultaneously. There were some close calls. We had a great walk around downtown that made me wish we had more time in the capital. The air was brisk, there were delicious smells coming from all over, people were friendly, and there were stylish cozy looking shops all around. The wool shop I was excited about was closed before we made it there, but we found a record store and a couple book stores to duck into out of the rain. We enjoyed dinner at veg friendly restaurant Glo, then went back to the house for bedtime at 9:30 which turned into crying from 10-midnight while I rocked him and finally around 12:30, we all got to sleep.


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