Surprise Mother’s Day Girls’ Weekend

IMG_0942Last Thursday, Ted told me I would need to find a sub for teaching my primary class because he and Julian had a surprise for me on Sunday. I definitely didn’t suspect what the surprise was…two whole nights at a beautiful cozy farmhouse near Ithaca with nine other lovely ladies. We went out on the town, we hot tubbed, we did yoga. It was a practically perfect weekend in every way. IMG_0959

Road trippin’

IMG_0909 IMG_0919

We hit up the Ithaca farmer’s market Saturday after our morning runs/walks/sleep-ins.


The library was having a sale and we all found some treasures.

IMG_0918 IMG_0913 IMG_0960

Hiking around at Buttermilk Falls. So cool how the falls just continues along the path as you walk up. Hayley is our yoga specialist. She is in training right now to become a yoga instructor and I love hearing about the stuff she’s learning.

IMG_0914 IMG_0915

Mr. Tate was the only boy allowed on the trip, and was so fun to snuggle. His mama was so chill about the whole thing and definitely gave me respect for mothers of more than one-he is her fourth. Some of us went for pedicures and they had quite a full service treatment.

IMG_0917   IMG_0922

Moosewood got mixed reviews from our group but I loved the dish I ordered-the Rumbledethunps. We all loved the restaurant we went to the night before though. It was a tapas place and they had an asparagus brown butter dish that…oh man…it was just the most delicious thing. They kept bringing out plates of beautiful food and we were telling first kiss stories and it was great.



So relaxed! Nobody’s schedule but our own for the weekend!

IMG_0935 IMG_0936

The yoga studio at the property where we stayed was built by the owners in a cottage by their creek. It smelled amazing inside like wood and sunshine.

IMG_0937 IMG_0939

Our conversations ranged from the very silly to the deep and thought provoking to the scandalous and it was all very restorative and necessary. IMG_0940 IMG_0941  IMG_0957 IMG_0958

I feel really grateful for all the husbands that made this happen. I am getting really sad about leaving Rochester and this was such a wonderful last chance to have some quality time with these friends who all inspire me in different ways.


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