Taking Stock

IMG_2982 copy

Making: Lots of mental lists to prepare for Iceland next week
Drinking: Dirty Dr. Pepper, extra dirty. After a week in Provo during which we went to Sodalicious three times, I am officially addicted. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t live in Utah.
Reading: In the middle of four books at the same time as usual, also Tavi’s Editor’s Letter, esp this part…

BE YOUR OWN GRANDMA. This is when I get hung up on or victimize myself over a situation that is ultimately catty and temporary, e.g., an acquaintance going on about a stupid pop culture thing I get deeply invested in and pissed off about because THEIR OPINION IS WRONG! Then I imagine me in my old age being like, “Why did you waste so much time on such fools? Wish that convo about ‘Anaconda’ wasn’t one of my five remaining memories rn!!!” Or I imagine my actual 97-year-old grandma being like, “You want a #TBT? I’LL give you a #tbt! The GREAT DEPRESSION!” And then I zap catty thoughts from my brain as soon as they creep in

Wanting: To nail down our apartment for Spokane next year
Watching: The Theory of Everything
Listening: to Courtney Barnett, especially Avant Gardener
Eating: scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning because Julian and I love splitting them, and a crazy amount of roasted cauliflower ever since I discovered that it is as addicting as chips when you roast it with olive oil and indian spices.
Smelling: Rain
Wishing: My house would pack itself, weeding out the things we shouldn’t take and selling whatever possible as it goes of course.
Enjoying: Julian’s new walking skills. Watching him toddle drunkenly all over with his arms at chin level-always-is pretty adorable.
Loving: The messages from general conference this year and the chance to study them again soon because someone cute and small was distracting us during a large portion of the talks.

Hoping: Hoping hoping hoping that Julian’s passport comes in the mail before this Friday or else we are driving to Buffalo where they can do them same day for a crazy price on top of the expedited fee we already paid. For some reason, we didn’t realize until two weeks ago that babies do, in fact, need passports to fly out of the country.

Needing: Julian to stop throwing everything in the toilet. Stat. So far he tossed his cousin’s toy, my grandma’s lotions, a ball (between ted’s legs while he was peeing haha), Ted’s aunt and uncle’s two tv remotes (cringe), and his Thomas the Tank Engine train into the toilet.
Feeling: Proud of finally beating Ted’s March Madness bracket this year.
Noticing: All the things about Rochester I’m going to miss. One example-there is an amazing chef in our ward and he teaches a cooking class every two months or so and last night was the last class I’ll be able to attend.

Wishing: Ted a very happy anniversary! Four years! We are sort of counting our Iceland trip as our big anniversary/graduation celebration but it’s still exciting to remember that beautiful snowy day four years ago and how far we’ve come since then.


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