Dream Come True

This morning I woke up to feed Julian at 530 and saw that I had an email that church was cancelled today. It was weird to have a whole Sunday without church but cozy and pretty exciting – I have never had a snow day from church before. But that part isn’t the dream come true part. This is… Iceland-Tourist-Map via We’re going to Iceland!!!!!!! I can’t remember exactly when I first started wanting to go to Iceland, but it has been at least a few years since I read about somebody’s trip around the island and became fascinated with seeing the cliffs, volcanoes, wildlife, waterfalls, and especially hot springs for myself. I got really lucky, and after Ted’s cousin went there last year and shared lots of amazing pictures, Ted wanted to go too. We have a break between Ted finishing school and graduation, so we decided to go for it. So we are in the middle of lots of planning right now, working on figuring out how to make such an adventurous trip work with a 15 month old. It might not be exactly like I had imagined all those years ago, but looking at hostels and routes is making me so excited to be there with my little family. This video is making me feel like I can’t even believe this is my real life. https://vimeo.com/76808146


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