Weird times at the Y


We joined the YMCA a little while ago and I am a huge fan. Love the classes, love the subsided membership fee, love that they let you go to all of their locations around the country. While I was in Boise I was able to go a few times-including blessedly for a shower right before Christmas when a geothermal leak made all the hot water on my parents’ street stop working. But anyway, one of the classes I went to in Boise was the weirdest thing ever. I have been to a fair number of yoga classes and nothing has ever been quite like this one. First thing, the instructor had us kneel down and then we stayed like that for fifteen minutes while she talked about her weekend. Then she had us all grab a pole and use it to hold a partner against the wall, then alternate. For no reason that I could understand. Then we got ropes from a cupboard and attached ourselves to the wall. After an hour of doing zero things that reminded me remotely of yoga or exercise in general we were done.

Since getting back to Rochester, some friends wanted to meet at the gym to workout then hang out in the hot tub. I couldn’t make it since Ted was at the court waiting to find out if he had jury duty (he got out of it) but after he got home I rushed there hoping to catch them in the hot tub. They weren’t there, but there were two women and two men there. They were all speaking Russian (I think) and every once in a while they would all stop talking and glare at me. Pretty sure I was interrupting some kind of Russian mafia meeting.


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