Happy New Year

Writing from the motherland here where Julian and I are hanging out with my family while Ted flies all around the country interviewing for his residency. We miss him like crazy but it has been so nice getting to be around family in the meantime. Let’s start this by going waaaay back


On December 5th, Julian and I flew to Boise. It is so exhausting flying all day with a baby but for the most part he was such a good boy. It really depends on who we’re sitting next to because all he wants to do is socialize with/poke/get food all over people around us and obviously I don’t let him have free rein but it is super nice when the person sitting next to us doesn’t act like they’re allergic to babies. Every time the flight attendants announced that we were beginning our initial descent, he would fall asleep like magic. Our last leg there was a baby in the back of the plane crying for at least 2 hours straight and I was so proud of Julian for being so patient on his third long flight of the day.


We got to Boise and my brothers are such good uncles to Julian. They have both babysat him, changed his diapers, fed him lots of new things, and followed behind him as he climbed the stairs.IMG_0442 IMG_0443

There is a small sink in my parents’ kitchen which is the exact perfect size for Julian to fit into. Perfect except for the amount of water that gets all over when he splashes…IMG_0444 IMG_0446

I brought Julian into my mom’s preschool art classroom one day to visit and the kids were all very enthusiastic about him. They all wanted to touch him and he loves other kids so much so his attitude about the whole thing was super happy and slightly overwhelmed.



Cooper gets really clingy to my mom when there is a storm coming since he is terrified of thunder. The short list of things Cooper is afraid of includes: fireworks, storms, tinned biscuits that pop when you open them and bubble wrap. Also my mom has a pottery wheel!


Picking out our Christmas tree. IMG_0457 IMG_0461

From my family’s ward Christmas party. Julian got to meet Santa and was a little skeptical. My parents live in a different ward than they did when I was growing up but I really love all the people I have met in their ward.



IMG_0470 Julian has gotten to try so many new foods since coming here. Above he is eating some pond sludge, er green smoothie and here some Mongolian barbecue in which he perfected the technique of slurping noodles.


There are so many good places to walk around here. At the beginning of our stay, Julian was having a really tough time sleeping so we would go on long walks and he would fall asleep in the stroller and then keep sleeping for a while after we got back. He sleeps like a champ now and even slept in until 10 am today! But those bundled up walks got us over the hump and we both enjoyed them a lot. IMG_0478

My mom and I had lots of projects leading up to Christmas including making Julian a stocking. I found this fabric and I love how it turned out.IMG_0484

On a very Christmassy run around the neighborhood I ran into this reindeer. It was so warm during the few weeks proceeding Christmas and then it finally snowed on Christmas Eve hashtag christmas miracle.


One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Hi Elise

    Love all of your cute pictures! Julian is adorable. So great to see snow and hear Emily’s wonderful news! I love your whole family:)


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