Some really wonderful things about life with a 10 month old


Julian James is now a mere two months away from being a year old. We were lucky enough to get to meet up with Ted’s family for Thanksgiving, including our barely three month-old niece, and it made me realize that I have already forgotten what it was like to have a three month old. Funny what memory and sleep deprivation and babies that are constantly changing can do to our perception of things like that. So this is what Julian is like right now at 10 months and five days old.

He has four teeth and two coming in and dimply fat fingers and the softest head. I like to rub my cheek all over it while I am holding him. If you offer him a finger to chew on, he will bite down with such relish that his head shakes back and forth ferociously a little bit like a puppy. He bites hard, but I keep letting him do it because it’s so cute. He’s making all different kinds of noises including one that’s sometimes almost mama and sometimes almost dada but probably actually just gaga.

He got his first ear infection about a week ago and he can not get enough of those delicious pink antibiotics-sucking it down, then crying when it’s gone. He is definitely not a vegetarian. He growls loudly at people we pass in the store and we have entire conversations where we growl back and forth from each other. He gets it now when we are playing a game with him and takes great enjoyment in playing along. Putting his pacifier in my mouth and waggling it back and forth in front of him causes lots of squealing and arm flapping before he steals it back. Pretending to drop him and flipping him upside down is probably his favorite game.

After months of loving all people in the world equally, he is starting to prefer us. Sometimes when he is extra tired, seeing me makes him do this sweet excited hiccupy whimper. He will crawl up to us and tap our feet then look up to let us know he would like to be picked up. He’s not super snuggly, but sometimes he wraps his chubby little arms around my neck or rubs his face on my shoulder and it is the best. He is so sweet and so silly and still such a happy guy most of the time and we really love him so much.



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