Taking Stock

Making: Halloween costumes! It is always so hard for me to commit to a costume and even trickier now that we are trying to do a family costume. There will probably still be somewhat of a last minute scramble, but hopefully we like what we end up with.

Drinking: sparkling water

Reading: East of Eden for the second time, gosh it is so good; The Robber Hotzenplotz to Julian. Julian’s third chapter book! It’s a book my mom accidentally sent me that was translated from German and has an English/German glossary at the end of each chapter. One of the characters’ grandma has plum pie with whipped cream every sunday which makes me crave plum pie with whipped cream every time I read a chapter…

Wanting: This scarf, These jeans since my favorites of the past 5 years just got a crotch hole and I am so sad

Watching: Rear Window with a bunch of friends this weekend-probably seen that movie seven times but it just gets better

Listening: To a super addicting podcast called Serial, about a real murder case

Eating:  Spanish Tortilla I made this morning and can’t stop snacking on. Julian likes it too. Ted does too as long as it is completely smothered in salsa.

Smelling: The last of my volcano candle from Christmas last year. Gotta stretch those guys out as long as possible

Wishing: Julian would stay this age forever. (OK not really, but it’s just a really good age) He is learning to crawl and it is so exciting.

Enjoying: Ted’s relatively easy schedule this month on his community health elective. We get to see a lot more of him, even though he still works really hard during his “free time.” Interviews are starting to come in and the financial aspect of all the travel and hotels he will need is stressful, but it is so exciting every time he hears from a program.

Wondering: Where we will be living this time next year. It is really crazy to have no idea.

Loving: Fall beautiful fall! Chilly nights and glorious days. Even drizzly cozy days. Yesterday we went to an amazing pumpkin patch where you can get 5 pumpkins for $10 and picked out some strange specimens. The only way I can describe the one Ted picked out is that it reminds me of a passed out fat guy.

Hoping:   I can figure out how to volunteer again with the community nutrition education program I got trained for before Julian was born.

Needing: To exercise more this week

Feeling: Excited for Thanksgiving in Virginia with all the Rysers

Wearing: Wool Socks

Noticing: That I don’t realize how grateful I am for being healthy until I get sick. We all had a pretty bad cold cycle through us, then Ted and I had a stomach flu, then Ted got a cold again. Being sick as a mom is hard!  I never realized how much before. But now I’m trying extra hard to enjoy being healthy.

Bookmarking: Capsule wardrobes 101.


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