So, our Apartment…

Ted booked our accommodations for Montreal through Airbnb-where you can rent a room in someone’s apartment or sometimes whole apartments. It is a really cool system and this one was really cheap, thank goodness, because it was kind of awful.

My view at 430 in the morning, was admittedly not too shabby, if you can forget the fact that it was 430.

Don’t get me wrong, the hosts were super nice, they had a cool apartment-their kitchen was awesome, both roommates were in publishing and had a really neat funky style, there was a deck we could hang out on with a good view, the neighborhood was hip and we felt safe and everything was clean. But our room had no windows and no air conditioning and a big old skylight. And it was in the high 80’s the whole time we were there. And so our room was basically an oven. Every night we would fall into bed exhausted from our day and fall asleep pretty quickly, then (at least I) would wake up around 3AM completely unable to sleep any more because of the heat. It totally didn’t ruin our trip or anything and I still feel so lucky we got to go. But were we glad to get back to our fluffy bed in our nice cold room? That would be a big fat yes. Julian actually did really well-he is way less picky than us and all around a good sport.

some “art” in our hosts’ kitchen
two handsome fellas on our steeeep staircase. I had heart palpitations every time we carried Julian up or down.

2 thoughts on “So, our Apartment…

  1. I really really love the painting of Nicholas Cage in the arms of his mother snow monkey…that’s my favorite.

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