Scenes From a Sunday Afternoon

IMG_0166 IMG_0169 IMG_0176


We were laying in a shady spot on the grass in the park at the foot of Mont Royal for a much needed break, and meanwhile around us there was:

1. An all-day drum circle called the Tam-Tams

2. A girl doing tricks with her hula hoop WHILE talking on her cell phone about getting her credit limit raised

3. Synchronised rollerblading that was actually really impressive

4. An elderly couple doing team stretching

5. Excessive tie-dye, hemp, clouds of pot smoke, bras worn as shirts

6. A group performing “Scarborough Fair”

7. Jealousy of the families splashing in a free pool nearby (we forgot our suits)

8. Lots of people playing soccer

There was a whole lot going on. Moments like these are what I almost always remember best from trips. Like in Rome when we left the Borghese gallery and walked through the gardens and on the subway in New York. I feel like more than anything else, watching people do what they do gives me a feel for the place I’m visiting. Also, Montreal is way more of a hippie city than I was expecting!



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