Elise Gets What Elise Wants*


The other day, I was talking to Ted, and actually what I was doing was more like whining, about not having anything to look forward to. That sounds way more dramatic than what I meant though. For so long we have almost always had something on the horizon-my mom’s visit, then Julian’s birth, then my mom came back, and then the Rysers and Maggie, then a visit from my dad and newly returned missionary sister (that I haven’t even written about on here but it was so so good and such a blessing to have them here and eat good food and see them fall in love with my baby and vice versa and take baby Julian on his first international trip to Niagara Falls and have quality sister time doing silly stuff like sorting my clothes from the attic and catching her up on tv and go on walks and show her my favorite parts of rochester), then I went to Boise for my mom’s birthday, and finally we hosted Rysers again. We usually only see family once or twice a year, but I have quickly become completely spoiled and now miss the excitement of having an upcoming visit to plan for.

Later that day, Ted let me in on a little secret. He had been planning a surprise trip to Montreal for a few weeks and was going to wait until the last minute to tell me, but because of our earlier conversation he decided to tell me right away so that I could have the enjoyment of researching and planning for the trip. I mean, I can’t even imagine a more considerate guy. Montreal has been on our list of places we want to explore before leaving Rochester for a while now and while researching and hearing multiple sources call it “the Paris of North America.” I got even more excited.

Montreal is such a cool place with lots to see. We fully wore ourselves out and on the drive back, Ted and I talked about how someday we need to learn how to take it easy on trips. We got back last night, and after a blessedly full night of sleep, I can say that I look back on Julian’s first road trip and our first big family vacation with mostly wonderful memories.

*What Ted always says when he’s teasing me. I’m not really that spoiled I swear:)


One thought on “Elise Gets What Elise Wants*

  1. “Happy wife, happy life” is what this Ryser husband says. 🙂
    Hope the World Cup games give you that feeling of anticipation.

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