We got to explore Ithaca with the Rysers too. It was a beautiful day and we just happened to be there the same day as Cornell graduation, which could have been annoying but actually made things more fun. The farmer’s market there is pretty amazing, and it was really tempting to eat a full lunch from the food stands, but instead I got to experience a dream come true when we ate at the Moosewood Restaurant which was founded by the author of one of my favorite vegetarian cookbooks.  It was fun to hear about how the Rysers had visited Ithaca on their honeymoon. While taking pictures of the amazing Cornell campus, a friendly graduate offered to lend Julian her cap for a photo op. When plenty of waterfalls had been seen, we packed up and took our sleepy boy back home.
IMG_1135 IMG_1159

IMG_1094 IMG_1098

IMG_1107 IMG_1126 IMG_1128 IMG_1145


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