Skinny Atlas


Over memorial day weekend, Ted had four days off! In a row! That never happens, and also his parents were coming to town. Clearly we needed to take advantage.


On Friday afternoon, we drove to Skaneateles, NY and checked into the bed and breakfast. Ted’s parents weren’t there yet, but we decided to explore the town while we waited. Oh my goodness, for anyone who ever visits upstate new york, Skaneateles (pronounced “skinny atlas”) is highly recommended by this girl. It is such the charmingest town. Built right up against a beautiful clear lake, everything is impeccable, from the shops to the restaurants to the pier. It’s a pretty tiny downtown area, but enough to see that I already want to go back again. There was a wait at the restaurant (called Garage Eatz, and I totally thought it was going to be greasy and uncomfortable from the name, but it turned out to be just as charming as the rest of the town)(get the fried potato salad) so we got Julian’s stroller and walked to the end of the pier and looked at the boathouses and huge mansions around the lake. By the time we got our table, Ted’s parents had just about made it and I was ready to faceplant into the first edible thing I could find. So, perfect timing!



It was really nice to see the Rysers at the end of their long trip around the south and east. They started in Nashville to visit Ted’s cousin, then to Alabama where Katy’s brother lives, Richmond to see Maggie and Al, and finally here. Julian has grown up a lot since they last saw him, so that was cool too. He was snoozing at the restaurant, but we woke him up so they could hold the little squisher. He’s at such a fun friendly age right now, and is super generous with his smiles, even when he’s sleepy. We talked for a while back at the B&B, then finally let Julian get to sleep.


It was really fun to talk to the proprietress at breakfast the next morning. She told us about the rumors surrounding shady business deals made in the mansions around the lake, one particular unfinished mansion where a drug lord was discovered, how the Clintons were fixtures in Skaneateles, and other famous people seen around town and at the ultra luxurious Mirbeau spa. Pretty juicy stuff! We had to grab a freshly fried donut at the local bakery on the way out of town, and went into a couple baby stores that I wanted to buy out of stock. Ah Skaneateles!


One thought on “Skinny Atlas

  1. So are you going to be the new Lonely Planet travel guide expert? Great review of Skaneateles. (I thought it was a travel browser when Ted said it on the phone.) Glad we could explore together -Love you three!

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