What I Already Miss


…I promised myself I would never write a blog post like this before I became a mom, and yet, here we are. Things like this are pretty much only interesting to the person who writes them and maaaybe the grandparents so anyone else can feel free to skim/skip…

Baby Julian is getting close to his three month birthday and it is so crazy to me how much he has already changed. And not just the fact that he has already doubled his birth weight, the little chunker. In a lot of ways, he has gotten easier to take care of, but a couple things that he used to do when he was tiny, I miss so bad already.

I miss being able to grab him in the middle of his naps and letting him keep sleeping on my chest.

I miss the little “eh eh eh” grunts he did when he was trying to calm himself down.

I miss being able to pull him into bed with me when he woke up in the morning.

I miss his little frog legs. It’s all chub now.

I even miss his little crossed eyes that he had for the first couple weeks of life.

Of course, there are tradeoffs. Although he is not quite as cuddly as he used to be, we can put him down in his crib wide awake and he will fall asleep. Fingers crossed that this is a long long phase. I am so glad that his crossed eyes fixed themselves and he didn’t have to have surgery or wear an eye-patch. I also don’t miss how he used to scream every time we changed his diaper and usually pee on us too. Seeing his huge smiles when I grab him from his crib in the morning makes my day every day. I can give him a bath now without him having a freakout. Oh gosh I am so obsessed with my baby. I stare at him while he naps sometimes and can’t even believe how wonderful he is.


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