Recent Adventures

Niagara Falls:



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Some of Ted’s classmates found a Living Social deal for a weekend in Niagara Falls and with that, our first family vacay was planned. Most of the things that came with the deal were pretty silly, like a gift certificate for a ridiculously expensive steakhouse that was only valid if you also bought multiple entrees and would have ended up costing us almost $200. So after we all, 6 adults and a baby, followed the hostess all the way through the restaurant to a table in the way back, we looked at the menu and decided we needed to get out of there stat. We packed up the baby and snuck past all the people who looked much much fancier than we did in our jeans and puffy coats.

Julian passed out while we were playing a game in one of the hotel rooms and slept for the rest of the night on Ted in the Ergo. It was seriously amazing. While we were at dinner, we sat him up in the booth between Ted and his friend and he just kept snoozing. We ended up staying out until 2 am at an arcade (where we also had gift certificates from the deal) and Ted won the jackpot of tickets. It was all very exciting. Niagara Falls is a silly silly place-not at all what I pictured when I heard of people going on their honeymoons there, always pictured it in Florida for some reason-but I will say this for them; they have a pastry called a beaver tail that is pretty much the best.


Maple Syrup Weekend:

I always thought I hated maple syrup, and then I went to Maple Syrup Weekend. We drove to a farm on the outskirts of Rochester and stood in a barn listening to a really detailed and pretty boring story of how maple syrup is produced, but I didn’t even care because inside the barn was this machine that was letting off the most amazing maple flavored steam. I am still dreaming of the maple cream that they had for us to sample. We bought a freshly made maple doughnut and went to a restaurant down the road for a stack of pancakes and a pitcher of the syrup. So good!


Letchworth Park:

The nature of being here for med school, far away from the home where we grew up with a lot of people in a similar situation, has led to us making a bunch of really good friends that are now about to leave for various parts of the country and probably never live in the same place as us again. Some of the best friends we have made here so far are leaving in just over a week and we are going to miss them a lot. They invited us to go to Letchworth with them last weekend since they had never been and might not get another chance. Baby Julian was a big fan of the waterfalls.

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2 thoughts on “Recent Adventures

  1. Looks like a fun time! It’s inspiring to see someone take the time and effort to get out and do fun things while simultaneously being a great mother!

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