Un, Deux, Trois


The past two years, we have gone all out on our anniversaries bed and breakfast style. This year our celebration was a bit more modest, for obvious reasons, but it still felt pretty decadent to me. We left Julian with some sweet friends and went to dinner at the best restaurant. Everything from the red lentils to the crispy white pizza to the springy ricotta citrus cake was delicious.  I was expecting to be super emotional about us both being away from Julian for the first time since he was born, but we were having such a good time talking and just being together the two of us that we went to a movie after dinner. Even so, we were both pretty excited to snuggle him when we got home. These have been three pretty great years. Lately getting to be parents together and getting to see Ted as a dad to our sweet boy has given me even more reasons to love him. So much has changed since that snowy April day three years ago (although the snowy part not so much), but I’m so glad to see we are still making each other the happiest.




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