Sleep, Or Something Like It

IMG_0428 IMG_0431 IMG_0434

I remember talking to a friend who had just had a baby and she was telling us about the effects that the sleep deprivation caused by a newborn had on them. I don’t remember the specifics but I do remember that the husband had started sleepwalking and their stories made us all cry with laughter. Ted and I were just dating at the time, and having children seemed really far away to me. Still that conversation made an impression on me and left me with a clearer picture of how exhausting parenthood could be. 

Since Julian has been born, I have had some of my own crazy sleep deprivation experiences.  My typical night now goes like this:

1. Put the baby down, stay up longer than I should hanging out with Ted.

2. Drift off to sleep for a little while.

3. Awaken in a panic because I am absolutely, definitely still holding Julian and he is going to suffocate in the sheets and….wait…where did the baby go, I lost him in the bed somewhere and…

4. Oh. Right. Julian is in his bed and he needs me to come feed him.

5. Fall asleep for another couple hours and repeat.

6. Variations on the theme are when I wake up and he won’t stop crying even when I’m cradling him in bed…because I’m actually just cradling some of my blankets and he is still in his crib.



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