Ryser Grands

Even though we live pretty much as far as we possibly can from both sets of parents without living in different countries, we are lucky to have visits from every last one of them. Of course, they’re not really coming to see us, we all know the real reason: this little muffin.


(who, by the way, is laying next to me on his favorite pillow making little squeaky noises and sucking in his sleep.)

Ted’s parents got here the day after my mom left. Although my fear of being all alone with the baby is steadily decreasing, it was really nice to delay that milestone a little bit more. The Rysers are already such sweet loving grandparents. Randy helped cure Julian of a nasty case of the hiccups one night and Katy captured quite a few of his baby smiles on camera.We were also lucky enough to get a visit from Julian’s Auntie Maggie who is living in Virginia right now. She was so good with Julian and he spent many happy hours laying on her lap as she rocked him.

I always have a good time hanging out with Maggie. One day, she spent the night on our inflatable mattress so that we could have a sleepover and the next day, we all went to the Ryser’s hotel for the impressive continental breakfast and to use the workout facilities at the hotel. It was my first time exercising since giving birth and it went pretty well Another day, Katy, Maggie and I went on a fun shopping trip. While they were here, they also gave our house a good cleaning while I hung out with Julian. For someone like me who rarely deep cleans anything on a good day, let alone when I have a newborn, it was such a sweet blessing. Angels in disguise those guys.

P1030158 P1030164 P1030165 P1030170

Julian had a first while they were here…first movie in a movie theater. Ted could not wait to see the Lego Movie, so one (late) night, we packed him up and took him to the theater. He was pretty good, although I did end up nursing him in a bathroom stall and even though we were extra tired the next day, I think we were all a little proud that we had successfully survived the adventure. He’s a pretty portable baby at this phase and does well when we take him to restaurants etc… In fact I think he actually sleeps better with a little extra background noise.

Thank you so much Rysers for the great visit and all you did to help us out. Julian loves you already.


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