Two Visits and a Brand-New Grandma

Last night, after her flights getting cancelled, rescheduling for the next day and getting delayed for a couple hours and missing her connecting flight, being told she would have to spend the night at the Chicago airport, standing in a customer service line for hours, my mom finally got on a flight that would take her home to Boise. And this was just one in a saga of cancelled flights, overnight layovers, lost luggage and all around frustration during the past couple months. One thing I decided, next time I have a baby, I’m doing it in the summer. Much less chance of weather issues that way.

So here’s to my awesome mom for putting up with all the flight drama and other disruptions to her normal schedule so that she could be here with us twice in the past little while. It was a sacrifice for her and for my dad and brother still at home to make things work without her there for a little while. And I’m so grateful for all of that because we had two incredible visits.

Visit #1 was some of the best Elise + Mom quality time in years. We laughed a lot, worked on a ton of projects, ran some errands, and just generally enjoyed each others’ company. Ted also had a really light schedule that week, so it was the best of all possible situations.

1501194_10203272665081702_1820065296_oI don’t think my mom ever adjusted to our time zone during this trip. In fact we all kind of switched over to Boise time and would start movie parties complete with snacks at midnight almost every night.

1557385_10203272663921673_1310239661_oI was really tempted to crop my face out of this photo, but vanity loses this time. Here is one of the blankets we made for the little guy partially finished. It was a true team effort, even Ted sewed a few stitches and did some ironing.

1014488_10203272663961674_335796795_o 1540570_10203272664001675_954645603_o 1556284_10203272664081677_1516681654_oIt was really nice one of the days she was here so we decided to go on a walk in a nearby park called Corbett’s Glen. The sun that warmed us, however, had an unfortunate effect on the snowy path, turning it into an ice skating rink.  After my fall earlier that month, I was trying to be extra cautious and we thought about giving up on the walk idea once we got there and saw the icy conditions. But we went for it, even after a man walked by with ice picks strapped to his shoes and warned us that we wouldn’t make it, and had a grand adventure. That park is so cool-we’ll have to remember to go back in the summer.

She also got to be here for my baby shower and that was a sweet bonus!


^On the second visit, my aunt Susan drove here from Pennsylvania and it was so fun to have her too. I took them on a snowy walk in our neighborhood park while the boys hung out at home. So far it’s still the longest I have ever been away from Julian.^

Visit numero dos came sooner than anticipated. As soon as I was sure my water broke, I called to let her know that she might want to start trying to book a flight. When Ted had to go back to work on Monday, I was a little bit terrified of being home alone with the baby all day. Knowing that my mom was coming soon helped to ease that panicky feeling.


Watching my mom love on my little baby was one of the sweetest things ever. As a new parent who has never been that into other babies, I am aware that everyone else might not think my baby is quite as much of a little miracle as I do, but my mom totally did and it made me really happy. She was incredibly helpful, and I don’t think I have ever eaten quite as well as I did last week (homemade butternut squash ravioli! apple crisp! vegetable pot pie! breakfast lunch and dinner every day! the best oatmeal raisin cookies!) We worked on some more projects for the nursery and did a little photo shoot. She helped me give Julian his first sink bath and venture out into the world (aka Target). But my favorite part was hanging with her and Ted and Julian. 

IMG_0778He loves her right back.



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