Halloween Season

Ted got this new running app that motivates you to run faster by pretending that you are in a zombie apocalypse and zombies are chasing you. The other night, he was out on a run and the app said “look to the left. In the trees you will see a herd of deer.” And what did he see when he looked over to the left where there coincidentally was a grove of trees? A deer, that’s what. Pretty creepy…


We are totally Halloween people around here and Halloween treated us exceptionally well this year. Almost every item on our to do list was checked off.


We went with a bunch of friends to a corn maze and the full moon was out.

photo (23)

We went all out decorating our house for the holiday. Ted splurged on a creepy talking urn and this life-sized ghost for our front porch. Unfortunately, our landlord does not share our enthusiasm for the holiday. We got a call from him asking us to take our decorations down, complaining that it made our house look “ghoulish.” Um yeah, kinda the point. So we brought the ghost inside but figured it would probably be ok for us to put it out on Halloween night when the trick-or-treaters were coming by. The next morning we found it crumpled up on our doorstep.

Spirits for Web 2

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We went to a historical village where around Halloween they do nighttime tours around the old houses and have actors performing little pieces of a few scary stories. Two little girls were reading Dracula by candlelight until the red lights turned on in a back room (and totally made me jump) and showed Dracula himself. A crazy man was trying to recreate and improve on Dr. Frankenstein’s work. We walked into a clearing where a bonfire was burning and out of the darkness came the three witches from Macbeth. In another house’s basement a young girl was making pies out of human remains.


Some of our med school friends have a Halloween party every year which is always a good time and good motivation for us to get our costumes ready nice and early. We are really going to miss them next year when they are off to residency. Another friend had a caramel apple/scary story “ghouls” (girl’s) night at her house. I am still scared from all the true stories these ladies told and now when I have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, mirrors totally freak me out.

So that’s that. Another successful Halloween season. And the best part is that we didn’t even watch any movies this year with potential to scar me permanently.


3 thoughts on “Halloween Season

  1. Oh my goodness…I can hear that phone call! From one tenant to another, Colin and I were flabbergasted that he did that! He wouldn’t have liked our Halloween decorations this year if we still lived there then. Hope you had a great holiday anyway! 🙂

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