A Visit To The Motherland


We used our one week summer vacation this year to go to Boise and hang out with my fam.

(And just in case you caught a tone in the above sentence…I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain about having a “one week summer vacation” because summer vacation isn’t actually a thing for adults, but since Ted is still a student, I guess I’m still living in the college dream-world where summer means long empty days at the pool downing popsicles. Getting over it. Slowly but surely:)

In any case, it was the ideal way to spend our break. We had such a great time with my family and Ted’s parents even drove up for a few days. Getting to see the house my family had recently moved into was huge for me. It was weird hearing my family talk about their home and not being able to picture it and I feel so much better after seeing it.

Photo Jun 25, 3 33 51 PM

Photo Jun 25, 3 34 00 PM

Photo Jun 25, 3 34 05 PM

^Cooper is very offended at being asked to sit in the trunk like a dog or something^

The house is really cool-right on one of the original main streets of Boise, so it’s old (built in 1909) and close to the river and downtown. My parents put in a pizza oven in the kitchen fireplace (!) and there is a library and all the upstairs rooms are all so unique-Christian’s is two levels and Will’s has it’s own fire. The first night we were there, I kept getting lost in the downstairs, but don’t worry, I got it under control by the end of the week. We went to church in our old ward and I was really glad we did because it was like an unofficial high school reunion. All of these people that don’t live in the area any more just happened to be there the same week.

Photo Jun 23, 9 07 51 PM

^The Tedinator^
Photo Jun 24, 8 49 07 PM

^Downtown McCall ^


^Coop thinks it is his job to fetch any and all sticks thrown into water. One good thing is to throw two in at the same time and watch him get very worried when they don’t both fit in his mouth^IMG_0045We had a rainy couple of days up at the cabin, but I didn’t mind because it made everything extra cozy and also I knew if it wasn’t raining, I would have been peer pressured into jumping in the 60 degree lake. One good thing about the cabin is that nobody gets up too early in the mornings, so when Ted and I woke up at 8 one morning, we still had time to take Coop on a run to our secret pond and get back before anyone was up. We rode bikes around and got to see the new beach.  I ate a nut burger. It was wonderful. Photo Jun 26, 9 02 39 PM

^A freak in Freak Alley^1010945_10201697629666801_1955155524_n

^We probably made 25 pizzas that night and never quite made it through the leftovers. But they were really good. The secret: (well other than having a pizza oven) caramelized onions.^IMG_0752_2

^The Payette^

We left a little earlier than planned so we could get back to Boise to put the pizza oven to good use in cooking dinner for 30 of my dad’s employees who were in town for the week, and got to have a sub-party in the attic with my best friend from elementary school and her husband who just bought a house a few blocks away from my parents’ new house. Ted’s parents arrived the next day and took us out for some delicious Thai food and we showed them all the cool “graffiti” art in downtown Boise. There was this whole cool place behind the Casbah that I’ve never even seen before called Freak Alley that’s just covered in art. Oh Boise, you’re the coolest.

Photo Jun 28, 8 13 35 PM Photo Jun 28, 6 49 23 PM

^Trying to keep my hair off my sweaty sweaty neck and Will passed out from the heat^Photo Jul 02, 7 43 29 PMPhoto Jun 29, 12 05 41 AM

^Pretty Sky^

Photo Jun 28, 8 17 35 PM

^Handsome concert goers^

The rest of the week we did some rafting, explored my family’s new neighborhood, hit up the natatorium. My mom got us tickets for the Guster/Ben Folds/Bare Naked Ladies Concert and we spent a really hot evening rocking out in the grass by the old penitentiary. We ate a picnic and enjoyed the music while watching two little boys throwing around a football that kept getting trapped behind the sound recorder’s gate. I got to walk through the old house one last time and it was totally weird to see it all emptied out. I went through an old box of my stuff and found some really nice things that I had been saving for my future (the future is now!) along with a time capsule full of some lovely moth larvae. Saturday was pretty perfect-farmer’s market, floating the Boise, and ending with the Shakespeare festival.

^Ted thinks it’s SO funny that I fell asleep during Shakespeare but I would just like to point out that it was during intermission
IMG_0017^He loves us. Don’t worry about it^


2 thoughts on “A Visit To The Motherland

  1. It was wonderful to have you both here. If I didn’t already live here, I think I would move here after reading your blog post. Keep writing so we can keep reading!

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