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It has been hot hot hot here. Especially in our barely-insulated second floor place. It feels so much better outside than inside at night and just the other day I was wishing for the sleepovers I used to have with my sister on the deck outside my old room. Even in the middle of the summer we had to sleep with, like, two pairs of socks on because the middle of the night got so cold. And we were constantly covered in mosquito bites but it was still worth it.
So I have been biking to work because Ted leaves at 430 in the morning and then has to drive around to different places during the day. At first I thought it was going to be really hard to bike and was sort of dreading it but I really like it now. It’s sort of an exhilarating start to the day. Except there is this one overpass that I have to bike under where a small furry thing is lying dead in the gutter and every day it smells worse and worse and I have to bike along, trying to hold my breath while also going up a hill as fast as I can. Poor little furry dead thing.
And also because of the heat and the biking, I do not ever do my hair anymore and often end up looking like a pre-makeover Hermione.
Today Ted texted me this:
“Guess who found some maggots in a foot today…”
So obviously everything is hunky dory on the vascular surgery front. But really, despite all that and the long hours, he sees so many interesting things throughout his day and always has good stories.
Last day of work at Jcrew tomorrow! I feel both sad and relieved about it all.
Annnnnnd…..that’s what’s up with the Rysers these days. Hope you have a superb weekend.

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