Five Things Friday

photo(1)1. Sometimes when you are a vegetarian, you end up making two of everything. Luckily, we have these adorable mini pie pans.

2. Ted woke up in the middle of the night last night to me giggling creepily and then saying “I’m pretty.” Wonder what that dream was about.

3. I have been really quite furious with google ever since they decided to get rid of google reader. When Ted introduced me to the whole concept a few years ago, he had no idea how much I would take to it (aka become an addict.) Since the dreaded day is coming pretty soon, I finally bit the bullet and got Feedly. Which seems pretty good, I guess. But I still find myself automatically clicking on my trusty old reader. That one’s going to take a while to mourn.

4. One morning when I was 13 and at Girl’s Camp, I was brushing my teeth after a healthy donut breakfast (it was in the heyday of krispy kreme) and started throwing up and having terrible stomach pains.  I went to the ER and was diagnosed with pancreatitis and in the hospital for a week with a morphine drip.  I’m afraid that for years I have blamed the whole ordeal on that poor donut. But in the spirit of national donut day, I would like to formally pardon the little guy. Especially since the world has gotten so much more creative since those days.

5. And your bonus Ted contribution



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