When you do something stupid…

Put it on your blog for the world to read!

Yesterday I volunteered to take some food to a friend from our church who had just had her first baby. I’m always a little frantic when I sign up for these kinds of things because I am not smart enough to get them done the night before instead of trying to make a whole chicken pot pie after work. But cooking for people is totally my love language, so I try to anyway.

I finished everything up around 630 and was thinking how proud I was of my time management skills as I walked the food out to my car. I locked the food and my phone in the car and walked back to the house for something I had to put in the trunk. I then set my keys on top of said item to carry it to the car, and put it all in the trunk and was good to go. Except wait…where were my keys? Oh yeah, I locked them in my trunk. And I can’t call Ted because my phone is locked in the car. And the merciless parking police were about to start patrolling for people who hadn’t moved their cars over to the correct side of the street.

With some quick thinking, I went back inside the (luckily still open) house to grab the ipad, because I was pretty sure I could text Ted from there. I sent him a series of frantic messages that probably led him to believe I was dying, then ran back outside to babysit the car. After a few minutes I was getting pretty chilly so I walked back across the street to grab a sweater…annnnnd the door was locked. I ended up calling Ted from our nice neighbor’s phone and although he did not answer (twice) he eventually got the message and came to the rescue of his poor stranded wife.

And that, my friends, is the story of how within a half hour span I had managed to lock myself out of both my house and my car.


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