five things friday

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1. When I learned that I would have memorial day off from work this year, I became obsessed with camping. I picked the brains of any locals about their favorite spots and stalked online forums. What I learned was that there were a lot of awesome places to camp around here (hello, the adirondacks are only three hours away) and that friday before memorial day weekend is not the ideal time to book a campsite.

2. …so I had a crazy idea to surprise ted with a backyard campout on sunday night and then I shared my crazy idea with a friend and it turned into a campout in their backyard since it was bigger. We set up our tents, cooked tinfoil dinners and banana boats in our borrowed fire pit and by then the temperature was in the low fifties. We went inside to play games and it was so nice and warm inside that-I am embarrassed to admit-we wimped out and slept in our bed. Here’s to many less wimpy camping trips in the near future.

3. This pasta, or variations of it, have been making the rounds of the internet lately, but we made it and I am here to confirm to you that it truly does feel like a magic trick. I mostly didn’t believe it would work until it was done, but seriously-so good and so easy.

4. Ted’s living it up in vegas (baby) this weekend with his super awesome group of high school friends who helped him get a buddy pass at the last minute for one of their bachelor parties. I know, right. I’m missing him but really glad he got to go hang out with those guys he has been friends with since elementary school.

5. I have a sort of useless goal to re-memorize all the state capitals of the US. The occasions that I can think of this coming in handy are very few, but if any fifth graders need help with their homework, hit me up. Montgomery! Bismarck! Santa Fe! Bonus trivia question: what are the four capitals named after presidents? nerd alert i know i know.

Have a superb weekend


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