five things friday

1. I have talked about a few projects I was planning on ye olde blog and never really did any follow up, so here we go without further ado…

2.  This Shirt// Fashion blogger I am most certainly not, but here is the shirt I made a few weekends ago. It was really fun and easy-I used duct tape instead of freezer paper because when I went to the craft store I asked for freezer paper and they all looked at me like I was stupid and told me to go to the grocery store.


3.  Garden Boxes// Every day I go out to my garden and whisper “grow please my little baby sproutlings.”  Hopefully in a few months we will have enough jalapenos and cilantro and tomatoes to make salsa and basil to make pesto. photo (13)

4. Ted’s Desk// Around a year ago I talked about making a desk for ted to replace the one we dumpster dived for.  I spent hours sanding the sawhorse legs like a sucker until we finally borrowed a power sander from a friend and finished it up in about five minutes. Also I think there still might be a little bit of stain on our front porch that caused our landlord to ask us to no longer do any projects. Whoops! Ted built a shelf for all his cords and voila!

afterlight (2)

5. Pillow Covers// Not totally done with this one yet, but the fabric for recovering my pillows came and I am totally in love.

photo (15)


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